Easy DIY: How to Make a Crop Top from a Button-up

DIY Button-up

Two weeks ago, I got to enjoy the best concert I’ve ever been to – the grand finale of Beyonce’s Formation world tour. Surprisingly, I waited until the last minute to figure out what to wear – not like me, at all. With no time to shop, I needed to make magic, so for the first time in a while, I was up late experimenting.

How often have you gone panic shopping for a special occasion only to feel uncomfortable/itchy/squeezed all night?

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Flourish in the Fire: How to Grow in a Temporary Role

Keep Me in the Fire!

This week’s side lesson: when you fall off, get right back on. I lapsed in my posting schedule (but not my newsletter, small victories!) First up, continuing on this newsletter on Careers, let’s talk about something we’ve all been through:

What happens when you’re thrown into duties beyond your “job description” and you don’t want to go back into your box once your team structure is resolved?

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The Best Email App for People Who Hate Email

Best E-mail App

Happy fall, y’all!

It appears summer has left us and it’s time to start thinking in layers. More importantly, it’s time to kick things into gear. Is it just me or does fall always come with the feeling of new opportunities? I love summer, but there’s something about the days getting crisper that makes me feel more alert – it’s like back-to-school season for adults!

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