How to Chase Challenges That Will Make You Stand Out

It’s been over a month and I still remember the confusion that settled in when it was over. I scrolled down, then up, and down again before it registered that the tiny number on the screen meant I’d passed. Months of studying and weeks of stress, ended, just. like. that.

It wasn’t until I was outside on the phone with my mom that it hit me: I did it! This feels amazing!
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3 Morning Reads to Kick-Start Your Brain

3 Morning Reads to Kick-Start Your Brain

If you’ve learned anything about me through this blog, it’s that I am an information addict! My life revolves around learning something new every day. At any given moment, I’m reading a book, listening to a podcast, discovering a new blog, or taking an e-course. It’s a miracle I haven’t enrolled in a master’s program for fun… Yet.

Nerd hat aside, there’s a lot of distraction and fluff out there, so I’ve had to learn to be selective with my sources. Last post, I gave you the inside look at my daily schedule, so now as we’re halfway through another week (in a new month!), I wanted to share what I read to start my days freshly informed. Continue reading…


Inside Look: My Daily Grind

When I first started this job, I threw myself into it 100% and let it be the central theme of my day. I didn’t have a “usual” time to leave the office and when I finally did get home, I would just plop down on the couch to recover for the next day. After a late-night anxiety attack, I knew it was time for a change.
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